Monday, April 7, 2008

Call me baffled

Dusty Baker's lineup for today's Reds-Phillies game is his "scrap iron-type lineup." It probably has a lot of guys who make the Florida FSN commentators' Gritty Gutsy Guys Who Play The Game Right Team. That team includes Ty Wigginton and, of course, David Eckstein.

I don't even know what to think about this.

In other baseball news, I heard the Cubs WGN guys (see, why bother learning these guys' names?) refer to Jason Kendall as all of the following:
A great leader.
A great guy.
Has a great work ethic.
A veteran.

They failed to mention the fact that he can't throw out runners, can't really hit, and has a ton of passed balls. He's a not very good baseball player. Be happy he's gone!

On the other side of the fence, Kurt Suzuki is the best hitter in Oakland, getting on base at a clip of .423. Oh hey Geren, why're you still batting Buck first? Does an oh-forty-three OBP really look like a lead-off hitter to you? He hasn't walked, he's had 9 strikeouts (more than Jack Cust), and he's 0-21. "How," you might ask, "is his OBP not .000?!" I asked myself that very same question and then I remembered that he has gotten on base exactly once -- by getting hit by a pitch.

How about taking some pitches, huh?